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The accessible eco tourism concept is based on the principle that tourism is a social right for everyone, namely, the right to equal opportunities, non-discrimination and social integration, as for people with special needs, as well as for all others, the activities covered under the categories of leisure and tourism are critical to quality of life. Accessibility understood as the elimination of obstacles and barriers to ensure access to the environment public facilities and private tourist services not only guarantees this right to people with disabilities, but to all those who have special needs and are limited in their mobility for temporary or permanent reasons.

There are many different types of organisms that produce bioluminescence, from microscopic cells, insects, warms, fish and even a few sharks. The Caribbean specialy the island of Puerto Rico is not the exception to bioluminescense, the way we showed to the world is by bioluminescent bays. There are three Bioluminescent Bays in Puerto Rico that are active glowing all year round. When you’re paddling in your two person kayak at night and the water gets agitated you can see a glowing light emission phenomenon created by a dinoflagellate, called Pyrodinium Bahamense. Join us in our Night Kayak Tour with our interpretive tour guides, kayaking 1.5 miles one way thru the mystical mangrove channel of Laguna Grande in Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve, Fajardo.