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Person Ages 6 +

Discover Puerto Rico’s Cultural Heritage & African Roots

Travel 25 minutes outside of San Juan to Loíza, Puerto Rico, a small town whose unique culture, history, and traditions are sure to captivate your interest. Settled by African slaves from the Yoruba tribe during the 16th century, Loíza still maintains its Afro-Caribbean roots, evident in its art, architecture, music, and cuisine.

Admire the stunning work of local plastic artist Samuel Lind, whose pieces are inspired mainly by the vibrancy of the Loíza inhabitants and their traditions. Take in the breathtaking creations of the Ayala family, known for designing a diverse array of vejigante masks. These horned and brightly colored masks represent a demonic figure from Spanish folklore and are an indispensable element of Puerto Rico’s Carnival culture. 

Then, enjoy some of Loíza’s delicious flavors as we stop to sample some of the town’s delicacies. Finally, get the exciting opportunity to create your own vejigante mask during an hour-long master class. Immerse yourself in this historic communal activity, passed from generation to generation, that still thrives in the town of Loíza.

What to Bring:

  • Relaxed clothes
  • Any type of shoes
  • Water


  • Souvenir
  • Sample food
  • One-hour vejigante mask class
  • Transportation
  • Tour guide