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Quick Details

Adult Ages 12 and up
Child Ages 3 to 11
Infant Ages 2 and under

Experience the underground world at the Parque de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy system at night time!

Start Walking by the side of the 3 Pueblos sinkhole were in hurricane Maria Filled it up to 75% of water. Your guide will explain the history of the park and the flora and fauna as you walk thru Subtropical Humid Forest.

You will arrive to the entrance of one the most spectacular places you can visit in your life the Cavern of Camuy, where the geological time goes back millions of years. You will be a guest inside the Cavern and able to visit all the critters.

As you leave the Cavern you able appreciate the unique experience, of the natural show from the fruit and insect Bats leaving their home to feed. Afterwards as you walk back thru the Forest you will be serenaded by the song of our beloved Coqui frog.