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1-2 People Price is per person | Ages 18+
Groups of 3+ people Price is per person | Ages 18+

Finca Vista Bella is a farm located in Utuado Puerto Rico, and is to establish a vineyard in Puerto Rico. Since 2010 we have visited several wine factories and vineyards in which we have made contacts to buy the raw materials and equipment. The farm has an area dedicated to the adaptation of wine grapes, these grapes will be used in the future to produce our wines. For now we use “grape must” from other countries such as the United States, Chile, France and Italy to make red and white wines. Also we use a combination with fruits and native products such as pineapples and honey, among others to make fruit wines, meads and melomels.

The tasting experience has (6) six wines glasses of which (4) four are prepared with imported must and the last (2) two are dessert wine prepared with fruits grown on the farm or purchased from local farmers. The pairing is presented by our winemaker who explains the fermentation process, property and characteristics of each wine. It also includes a plate of hams, cheeses and fruits to clean the palate between glasses