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Quick Details

How It Works:

It is very simple! Purchase the virtual experience. After the order is complete you will receive a link to the virtual tour.

What to Expect:

This virtual tour will take you deep into one of Puerto Rico’s fascinating cave. Your guide Robert Moreno will take you through the cave explaining the unique geographical features of the cave. This is perfect for e-learning, an introduction to cave exploration, and a unique opportunity to explore a cave.

Virtually pretend you’re a National Geographic explorer as you go inside Puerto Rico’s vast network of subterranean caves by yourself, Get special access to this private network of caves, buried deep inside the surreal limestone-karst hills covering Puerto Rico’s northern coast. Along the way discover hidden petroglyphs and strange underground creatures including bats, snakes, spiders and crustaceans. This not-for-the-faint-of-heart tour you have unlimited time to explore from the comfort of your home.